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30 day credit card-less LaunchNotes trial

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Sign up and try LaunchNotes without a credit card. Free for 30 days.

What's changing

Evaluators can now trial LaunchNotes for 30 days without entering in credit card information. You'll be able to pick a plan at any point during the trial to activate a paying subscription. If you are currently on the free plan or in a trial you will automatically be converted to this new system without needing to take any action.

Head over to your account to test out your new trial.

Why we're doing it

- Evaluators can hit dead ends without understanding why.

- Asking for payment information is intimate. At this point we don't have enough trust to ask them for these details.

- Getting charged for the first time should be the result of an intended action; not the expiration of a timer

- Customer satisfaction is determined by expectations you have when putting payment info down. If a certain part of the product doesn't work like you expected when you put in your payment info satisfaction will be adversely affected.

Detailed overview

Starting a trial

Now, when you sign up for LaunchNotes you automatically begin a new 30 day trial. During this trial you have access to all the features of LaunchNotes.

Picking a plan

When you you're ready to activate your subscription, head over to the billing page and pick the correct plan based on what features and team member/internal follower allocations you need access to.

We'll help recommend a plan based on your usage during the trial. For example, if you added 6 team members during your trial, and choose a plan that only allows for 5, we'll kindly ask that you remove the extra team members. Or, recommend picking a plan that allows for more team members.

Activating your plan

Once you've queued up the right plan, you can check out where you'll be taken to Stripe like normal.

Expired trial

If your trial expires team members will no longer be able to sign in to use LaunchNotes until an organization admin selects a plan.

This is what team members and internal stakeholders will see when trying to sign in to an expired trial.

Public subscribers will see a 404 error when trying to access your public LaunchNotes.

What's Next?

Sign in to to gain access to the new trial system! Questions? Concerns? Reach out to and we'll be in touch ASAP.

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