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Subscriber list export

Announcing bulk subscriber export

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes
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Today, we’re over the moon to announce we shipped an enhancement to subscriber management: bulk subscriber export.

With this new export function, you can now download a .CSV file of your complete subscriber list from any of your LaunchNotes projects. To note, an exported list will always include your entire subscriber list regardless of any applied filters or searches.

Some of the benefits we hope you'll enjoy from this update:

  • Now your subscriber data in LaunchNotes is portable - take it with you for processing wherever you need

  • Export, edit and then import to batch update existing subscriptions, such as adding a new category for all of your subscribers

  • Export subscribers from one LaunchNotes project to import into another project

  • Ensure all your email lists and preferences are synchronized

  • Provide insights to internal teams: which individual team members are subscribed to which categories and roadmap items  

  • Provide customer support teams an exported file to confirm which of their accounts are subscribed

Updated subscriber layout in the app

With this feature enhancement, the subscriber page has also been given a facelift: we’ve centered an import button in the banner at the top of the page, and placed clickable import and export buttons side-by-side, above your list of subscribers.

Import and export today

To import or export your first batch of subscribers, navigate to the Audience section in the management portal, click on subscribers, and you’ll find your list of subscribers and the import and export buttons there!

As always, we appreciate any feedback you have for us!

Thank you for your feedback! The subscriber list export functionality appeared often in our customer feedback, which helped us fast-track this requested work from multiple points of feedback, to a prioritized idea “under consideration,” to committed work on our public roadmap, to announcing its availability today.

Let us know what you think about this upgrade. Have some feature requests or updates that could make your LaunchNotes experience even better? Let us know!

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