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Available today: early access to roadmap notifications

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

We're thrilled to announce the Beta release of a highly anticipated feature: roadmap stage change notifications. This addition to our platform is designed to enhance the way you and your team interact with roadmap updates, bringing a new level of transparency and engagement with your subscribers to your product management process.

What's new?

  • Email notifications: You can now send subscribers of roadmap items email notifications whenever an item transitions from one stage to another, keeping everyone in the loop about the progress and changes in your roadmap’s timeline. "Custom notifications" will be an enhancement with the future V2 feature release to enable the ability to write a custom email notification to your subscribers.

  • Selective alerts: Admins and Publishers have the power to choose whether to notify subscribers during stage transitions. This flexibility ensures your team always maintains control over the flow and frequency of your product comms.

  • Stay informed: Subscribers who opt-in for updates on specific roadmap items will now be more closely connected to the features and tasks they care about the most. You can also add subscribers to a roadmap item from the management portal. In the management portal, go to: the roadmap item show page >> subscribers tab >> add subscriber -> enter the email and click OK.

Getting started

If you’re as excited as we are about this new capability and would like to get access today, please let us know by subscribing to this roadmap item and requesting access via the “what do you think” modal in the left-hand column of this announcement. If you are already a subscriber to the roadmap item, you will receive an email notification when the work item stage transitions from "In progress" to "In beta" on our roadmap!

Your feedback matters

This EAP allows us to partner and collaborate with you, our valued customers, and our biggest fanbase, to refine this feature from good to great - your insights and experiences are central in shaping how we design and build intelligent product roadmaps for the most innovative product teams and companies. We're standing by ready to get you up and running with roadmap stage change notifications - and look forward to hearing from you.

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