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Branding for email notifications

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Customize your email notifications with brand color, logo, and sender domain. Make your product updates a seamless part of your brand.

What's New

Two powerful customization features are rolling out to LaunchNotes today!

  1. Brand email notifications with your company colors and logo

  2. Send emails from your own domain

Brand your emails

Custom colors

Add your company brand color to the emails you send from LaunchNotes. We'll apply some light styling and add your color as a top bar and main button in the body of the email.


You can also upload your company logo to be used in the header of your emails.

The result is a beautiful email that provides a seamless brand experience for your customers. These emails will look and feel like your brand while using the power of the LaunchNotes platform to communicate product change. Custom email colors and logo are available to all customers on the Essentials plan and higher.

We also support fully customized email templates with this update. Contact to learn more.

Send from your own email address

Connect your Email Service Provider to send from your own trusted domain. We support Sendgrid, Postmark, Mailgun, and SMTP out of the box. This gives you an added layer of trust when sending through the LaunchNotes platform.

With just a few settings you are up and sending from your own domain. If you've already authenticated with your Email Service Provider you can quickly start customizing the sender information from within LaunchNotes. Below, you'll see how these settings appear in your customer's email clients.

By sending through your own Email Service Provider you can take advantage of all the email analytics that come along with your provider. Seeing opens, sends, and click tracking from your provider gives you another layer of insight on the engagement of your launch.


To get started head over to Project settings > Email settings in your account. Custom logo/email colors are available on the Essentials plan and higher. Custom email domain is available across all plans.

This rounds out a flurry of branding and customization options we've launched over the last couple months. In case you missed it Custom CSS/HTML for your public pages and support for custom favicons are also live and ready to use. We can't wait to see all your beautifully branded launch comms! 🚀

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