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Coming soon: Surface customer insights in seconds with our new AI-powered Jira app

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At LaunchNotes we recognize the crucial role that customer insights play in building and delivering the products and features that will drive the highest value to your users and business. And yet, processing and organizing customer feedback, one-off requests, bugs, and the myriad of other things that end up in your Jira backlog can be a time-consuming, manual, and error-prone process. Especially at scale!

Over the past three and a half years we’ve spoken to hundreds of product teams, and they all have one thing in common: spending an exorbitant amount of time and resources—from a few hours a week to six and seven figure investments on entire teams—trying to triage, process, and derive insights from a rapidly expanding backlog. We knew there had to be a better way… 

…and so we built one!

Introducing Gravity

Today we’re thrilled to pre-announce Gravity, a new AI-powered enrichment app that doubles down on our commitment to developing features and experiences that unlock product teams’ ability to make customer insights actionable.

Secure your seat in our private beta today at

Gravity is a powerful Jira app that leverages proprietary machine learning to classify, automate, and derive insights from any backlog in seconds. No matter how big or unwieldy your Jira project may be, Gravity will organize issues, incidents, and feedback into themes, trends, and categories that provide deeper insights—insights you can use to refine your product strategy, turbo-charge the product development process, and ensure you’re always shipping products that truly meet users' needs.

A variety of valuable uses cases

Gravity can help product teams better manage their Jira Software and Jira Service Management projects in several ways:

  • Automatic issue identification and grouping: Gravity's AI engine intelligently identifies and groups Jira issues with a click, helping you keep your backlog organized and actionable at all times

  • Auto-classification: Save hours every day by allowing Gravity to automatically classify issues as they're created, ensuring every issue lands in the correct category for seamless prioritization

  • Theme visualization: Provide organization-wide visibility into customer needs and ensure your team is always laser-focused on what matters most with Gravity-powered custom Jira dashboards

  • Trend reports: Stay ahead of the curve by generating trend reports that highlight emerging patterns and other areas of interest worthy of deeper investigation

  • Intelligent routing: Ensure issues are routed to the appropriate team, automating and streamlining cross-team collaboration

Enroll in the private beta

If you’re a Jira user interested in leveraging AI to help save you a few hours every week, we’d love to include you in our Gravity private beta program. Join the 50+ who have already claimed their seat! Visit for more information.

Feedback, feedback, feedback

Any thoughts, feedback, or hot takes on what we’re working on or anything you’ve read above? We want to hear it! Like the idea of Gravity but wish it worked inside a different tool? We want to hear about that too! Hit the feedback button to the left to get in touch. As always, we’re standing by and look forward to connecting with you.

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