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We’ve heard you - editing content in LaunchNotes has had its annoyances and bugs. Pasting in content, getting the formatting right, and including rich content from the web has been cumbersome and frustrating. 

We’re thrilled to have a redefined experience for the editor available for your team to start using today that addresses these frustrations and uplevels your content creation!


The new editor brings an overall improved experience to content creation for Announcements, Templates, and Roadmap Items. Highlights include: 

  • Improved copy/paste: Copying and pasting content from your most frequently used apps like Word, Google Docs, and Notion have improved support for formatted text, links, and even images from HTML content. 

  • Markdown support: Speed up writing content by using markdown to format text directly in the new editor. 

  • Formatted code blocks: Paste code into the new code block and it will recognize the language and provide syntax highlighting.

  • Embed: Use the new HTML embed to include embedded YouTube videos, Loom recordings, and more directly in your content. 

  • Coming soon… collaboration for content editing: The new content model and editor paves the way for fully collaborative editing. We’re excited to bring this update to teams to unlock the power of synchronous collaboration, and individuals to keep content synced if the editor is open in multiple tabs. 

Interested in using the new editor today?

As of today, the new editor is available via opt-in. In the Management Portal, select “Learn more” and then “Opt in now” to convert existing content and enable the new editor for all new content. 

Opting in will trigger a content migration that can take up to a minute to complete. Any open editing sessions in the project will fail to save during this period. Users with open editing sessions will need to refresh the page after the migration completes in order to load the new content and editor. This impacts all contributors and admins with access to the project. 

Final opt-in June 9th

On June 9th, the full rollout to general availability will occur, and all projects will be opted in to use the new editor if they did not do so during the self opt-in period. 

Reach out to us with questions

Have questions or concerns about the opt-in period or the upcoming migration? As always, leave us feedback on this announcement, or reach out to us via Slack or

Happy editing! 

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