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Feature Friday - April 5: Roadmap Item Updates and so much more

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

As we wrap up the week, LaunchNotes HQ is celebrating an April 5 observance: “National Read a Roadmap Day.” If you’re considering embarking on a road trip this weekend, don’t forget your roadmap! In honor of this day, today’s Feature Friday is here to announce an enhancement to our product roadmapping capability, some important bug fixes, and other improvements to the LaunchNotes' experience.

Roadmap Item Updates

The roadmap item updates feature is designed for quick, concise, targeted updates to keep your most invested stakeholders and subscribers in the loop about the progress of a specific roadmap item, without having to send an announcement to an entire category of subscribers.

Quickly and easily add project updates to a roadmap item directly from the management portal and it will appear in the roadmap item timeline.

In addition to publishing project updates to the timeline, with this feature you can:

Public or private publishing: This is an existing capability that allows you to publish the timeline to your public roadmap or choose to keep the timeline private for internal reference.

Automated email notifications: Subscribers of the roadmap item and the internal team working on the project will receive an email notification containing the content of the update, ensuring everyone stays informed.

The roadmap item updates feature fits squarely with our goal to always be up-leveling our customers’ opportunity to drive improved transparency and efficient coordination of product progress to your customers and subscribers.

Bug fixes & improvements

Base64 image error: Resolved an issue where base64 encoded images were not rendering properly. Images are now correctly decoded and displayed without errors.

  • Conducted comprehensive testing to ensure the fix resolves the problem across various file types (.png, .gif, .jpeg)

  • Identified and corrected decoding error in the base64 image rendering module

  • Implemented error handling to prevent similar issues in the future.

Category names capitalization: For greater readability and functionality, category capitalization, which was all CAPS, is now only initial capped (eg. Administration).

Roadmap item management: In some cases, the ability to reorder roadmap items in the management portal was not working as expected. This has been addressed and roadmap item editing and reordering has been restored.

LaunchNotes branded emails

Last, but not least, we’ve updated the LaunchNotes email designs - those emails you receive from us when you have completed an action or made a request (eg. user invitation, feedback received notification, etc.). This update will only impact the emails that we at LaunchNotes HQ send, and will not affect or change the emails sent to your LaunchNotes audience.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

We hope these enhancements improve your overall LaunchNotes experience. Have any thoughts or suggestions on the roadmap item updates feature? Thoughts on a new feature or integration you’d like in LaunchNotes. We'd love to hear from you! Just leave feedback here with this announcement.

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