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Feature Friday - Feb 4 🚀

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes
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We have a few presents before you sign off for the weekend! 🎁

Pro Tip - Hard Breaks In The Editor

  • Shift+Return in the LaunchNotes editor creates blank lines that display in published announcements and roadmap items.

Hero Image Design Resources

  • We're sharing a few hero image templates in a Figma design file by LaunchNotes' amazing designer, Michelle!

  • These templates are meant to help you create announcements with more splash and less design time.

  • To use the templates, open this Figma File and select "Duplicate to your drafts". A file will now appear in your Figma account titled "Hero Image Examples. (Copy)". Use Figma to customize the colors, text, images, layout, and graphics to best match your branding. Try replacing the white shapes with images or screenshots.

  • When getting started, we recommend working with your design team to customize the colors and fonts for your brand.

Audit Log for Enterprise Users

  • We've released a project-wide audit log to surface the record of change within a project. Each log contains the responsible user, date and time, affected object, and action taken.

  • Records of change are critically important to enterprise organizations with many contributors and legal obligations. The LaunchNotes audit log surfaces these records for access by the admins of a project.

  • The audit log is in beta, and can be enabled per project upon request. Reach out to our team to have it enabled on your organization's pages.

  • If you work on a larger team or have special legal requirements to maintain records of change, this is for you.

Updated Project User Notification Management

  • Project admins and contributors will now manage their page subscriptions from the published page.

  • We moved page subscriptions out of the admin interface to simplify the subscription flow, and better distinguish admin notifications from page subscriptions.

  • To manage admin notifications such as notifications for new feedback and a biweekly subscriber roundup, select "Personal settings" from the menu in the top right of your project. To manage page subscriptions and be notified when announcements are published to your page, navigate to your LaunchNotes page and select "Manage subscription".

  • This change impacts how all admins and contributors will manage notifications moving forward, but does not change any existing subscriptions.

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