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Feature Friday - February 17: Announcing universal search and navigation for the management portal

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes
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Before you take off for the holiday weekend, we have a couple of treats in store for you we’re hoping you’ll enjoy!

First up, this week we’re rolling out something we know you’re going to love.

Universal search and navigation

Using a cursor with a mouse or trackpad to navigate the management portal is how LaunchNotes users have moved through a LaunchNotes project. Until now!

Today, we’re pleased to announce the v1 release of our universal search and navigation feature for those who enjoy the speed and convenience of a keyboard shortcut, helping you find what you’re looking for, or getting you to where you want to go in LaunchNotes, much, much faster.

Searching and navigating a LaunchNotes project is easier than ever, turbo-charged with a Command-K keyboard shortcut (CTRL + K for Windows) to open a modal that gives you access to all the workspaces in the management portal.

Opening the universal search and navigation modal gives you navigational access to: 

  • All of your announcements: your templates, drafts, published and archived product change comms

  • Access any section of the analytics dashboard with just a few keystrokes

  • Find a subscriber or review an account domain panel within the audience workspace

  • Go to the feedback inbox or the idea manager page in seconds to organize and prioritize the work you’re considering building

  • Quickly move through active and archived roadmap items or to your project settings in a snap

And what’s more, with the universal search and nav functionality, it’s easier than ever to find specific announcements, feedback items, and ideas with a simple keyword search in the modal.

While time is the one thing we can’t make more of, we can help you save a lot more of it by using the universal search and navigation keyboard shortcut!

Bugs: fixes and improvements

New LaunchNotes users: Signing up for LaunchNotes with Google SSO authorization just got a whole lot easier. When users sign-up with Google, a user will no longer be required to confirm an email address.

Idea organization modal: On the idea manager page, we made the drop-down modal easier to use, adding additional text prompts for organizing a piece of feedback to an idea, a roadmap item, or a published announcement. 

Subscriber management: In the audience workspace in the management portal, on the subscriber page, we’ve restored the expected behavior of the messaging “confirm” and “unsubscribe” when hovering over the status of a subscriber.

We’d love to hear from you

What do you think of universal search and navigation? Leave us some feedback and let us know! 

In the meantime, we hope you have a restful, relaxing weekend!

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