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Feature Friday - July 29: Did someone call an exterminator? 🐛

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

Happy Friday! This week we’ve been focused primarily on post-Spring, mid-Summer cleaning. With that in mind, here are some eradicated bugs we’d like to share before you kick off the weekend!

Bugs: fixes and improvements

  • Management portal: Functionality for reordering categories in the management portal has been restored to the expected experience

  • Management portal: When publishing the first roadmap item, the roadmap“empty state” was momentarily appearing when creating a roadmap item. This bug has been exterminated

  • Management portal: In the users table, we observed the alignment of paginated records was offset to the left. The alignment of columns for a project role, status, and action menu are now correctly aligned as they load when scrolling down the page

  • Feedback inbox: When updating user-submitted feedback with edits, changes were failing to save in the feedback item. We observed a success modal was displayed, but the changes were not appearing. This bug has been addressed and when the success modal displays, the changes to the content are immediately visible in the content of the feedback item

  • Announcement editor: We observed Quote Block functionality in the editor was not being respected in announcement previews and in published announcements. We addressed this bug and it is now resolved

LaunchNotes offsite

As the year continues to speed by and we race into the month of August, we’re excited to share that the LaunchNotes team is going to be taking a quick, collective breather from our usual rapid pace of shipping new features. Instead, next week we’ll be coming together as a company, as a team, and as friends, for our bi-annual offsite. As a remote-first company, we’re firm believers in the strength and speed of a distributed team, and offering team members the opportunity to live and work where they find the greatest fulfillment and productivity. However, we’re just as committed to the value of coming together in person for work and play, and next week we’re doing just that.

The goal of our time together? Rest, reflect, and recharge, so that we dive back into the second half of 2022 with renewed energy for a slew of awesome releases we’re excited to get in your hands!

All that said, please don’t worry. We won’t be too far away, and if you require immediate attention or assistance we’ll be checking in throughout the week to help you with any troubleshooting and support you may need.

What’d we miss?

What’s going well? What’s not? Thinking about a new feature you’d like to add to your LaunchNotes experience? Leave us feedback to let us know!

Have a fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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