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Feature Friday - June 17: Three sneak peeks for the end of the week

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

What’s better than Friday? An action packed Feature Friday LaunchNotes update filled with three tantalizing sneak peeks of updates we’ll be rolling out next week (and of course a list of bugs we’ve squashed this week as well).

But since we know we’re standing between you and your weekend, let’s dive right in!

Sneak peek #1: Subscriber management upgrade

Next week we’ll be rolling out a huge set of improvements to our subscriber management system. The goal of this overhaul is to provide you with some useful new ways to view, manage, and update your subscriber list. What’s most exciting is that this update lays the foundation for lots of future improvements to the subscriber management portal that you’ve been asking us for. Top of this list is bulk actions, such as the ability to:

  • Batch subscribe users

  • Batch unsubscribe users, and 

  • Batch confirm subscribers by domain

Our long term vision is to provide users with the ability to click into a subscriber record and see how each subscriber has engaged with your product comms, making it easy to prioritize ideas that map directly to specific customers’ feedback. We’re not there yet, but this update lays the plumbing.

What else would you like our subscriber management portal to do that it doesn’t do today? Let us know by dropping it in the feedback collector to the left.

Sneak peek #2: Three huge updates to ideas

Feedback—from both your customers and your internal teams—is a key driver of product development momentum.  This ultimately powers the flywheel effect we reference when we talk about Product Success. We hear this consistently from our own customers here at LaunchNotes. 

With that in mind, we couldn’t be more excited to be putting the final polish on three huge updates to LaunchNotes’ feedback functionality: 

  1. The ability to selectively publish ideas to your LaunchNotes page

  2. The ability to enable feedback on these published ideas 

  3. The ability to enable voting on published ideas

You’ll be hearing from us again on this oh so very soon, but if you can’t wait until next week we’ve flipped these new capabilities on for our own LaunchNotes page. Head over to and hit the “Under Consideration” tab to feast your eyes and kick the tires.

It’s been difficult for us to contain our excitement about these upgrades, as we know what a game changer they’re going to be for you all. The good news is we just have to keep it all bottled up for a few more short days!

Sneak peek #3: User-friendly roadmap editing

Until now, when you needed to update the description on a public roadmap item, your update was in real-time. This wasn’t ideal for the author of the update, as it had the potential to confuse anyone viewing the roadmap at the same time it was being edited. 

With this update, roadmap editing will henceforth follow the same workflow as updating a published announcement, and feel just as easy.

While we love building and releasing shiny new features, nothing is more important to us than user experience. This update is the ultimate win/win, as it’s going to provide our customers with a better experience that will in turn improve the experience of their own users.

Bugs: fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed: Editor not respecting width parameter set for images in announcement emails

  • Fixed: Images appearing blurry in announcement emails

  • Fixed: Images in announcement emails overflowing set width in Outlook

As always, we want your feedback!

Let us know what you think! What do you think about what you’ve seen above? What are you most excited about? What are we off the mark on?

Leave feedback just to the left and let us know what you think. And don’t hold back, we want all of it.

We hope everyone has a stupendous weekend!

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