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Feature Friday - June 24: Feedback inbox gets an upgrade

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

TGIF? How about thank goodness it’s Feature Friday? And like most Fridays we have some exciting news to share!

Today we have a pretty cool update to your LaunchNotes feedback inbox, which should make managing the feedback you’re receiving easier than ever! And of course, there are a few bugs we’ve swatted this week that we want to be sure you know about.

Managing and categorizing feedback just got a whole lot easier

Customer feedback is the lifeblood to successful products and vital to a healthy product development lifecycle. However, feedback can get overwhelming and unmanageable when: 

  • Feedback is coming from all directions: customers, sales, your CSMs, internal stakeholders;

  • The volume of feedback is in the 100s or 1000s of comments;

  • Feedback is being provided and received through variety of different channels.

When all of the above come together at once, feedback comes through unstructured, unfiltered, and relating to many different features and disparate ideas. Again, unmanageable!

That’s why we’ve consolidated the ability to filter and organize the feedback you receive through LaunchNotes from multiple table views to one filter within your feedback inbox. Now, it’s as simple as toggling between “Needs organizing” and “Organized” to organize your feedback, making it more intelligible and actionable. 

Feedback that’s “Organized” has been assigned to one of the following three objects: an announcement, roadmap, or idea. Once organized, all the feedback around a specific roadmap item, for example, is consolidated and nested within that roadmap item, making it easy to view, manage, and action. 

“Needs organizing” is the default setting for all new feedback in your inbox. Feedback that hasn’t been assigned to an announcement, roadmap item, or idea can be found here. Once all your feedback has been organized, the inbox will be empty and you’ll be ready to dive into your organized feedback and ensure it’s properly informing your product roadmap.

It’s a simple improvement, but one we believe will yield big gains in the efficiency of your product development, and specifically the fidelity of how you view, use, and continually improve your products guided by the voice of your customers.

Bugs: fixes & improvements

  • Fixed: Multi-account provisioning for Okta/SAML not updating existing users

  • Fixed: Long category names (e.g. 20+ characters) associated to roadmap items pushing names beyond the border of the roadmap card

  • Fixed: Duplicate records appearing in subscriber table

Have we mentioned we love your feedback? 

We’d really love to hear from you! What do you think about this update? Anything we missed?

Leave feedback just to the left and let us know what you think. And don’t hold back, we want all of it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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