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Feature Friday - June 3: Leave feedback on LaunchNotes published Ideas 📣

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

Happy Friday! Here are a few updates to kick-off the weekend!

LaunchNotes feedback on Ideas 

LaunchNotes Product Updates page subscribers can now leave feedback on the Ideas we’ve shared on our public page. The ideas you’ll see on our page were created by our team after receiving related stakeholder and customer feedback. Feedback from multiple users and stakeholders on the same topic or feature suggestion is organized under an Idea, that represents a potential feature that is not committed to but is being considered for the roadmap by the team. This will give you a chance to “kick the tires” and interact with the experience as a preview of what the functionality will look like on your page when we ship it as a feature release in the coming weeks.

Creating Ideas 

Creating an Idea from Feedback has been spruced-up to be easier to use and faster to navigate. In the dropdown, begin typing to search for a published Idea. If you don’t find an existing Idea that matches what you are looking for, just hit enter to create a new Idea.

Choice between subdomains and subdirectories

In addition to configuring your LaunchNote page as a custom subdomain of your brand’s parent domain, we’ve now made it possible to configure your page as a subdirectory within your brand’s website.



Now, you and your team can choose which implementation works best for your needs. Right now, if you're looking to implement your LaunchNotes page as a subdirectory, you will need to reach out to our customer success team to help you configure the page. For more detailed information, click here.

Segment analytics

It is now possible to add Segment’s analytics.js snippet in the custom HTML & CSS settings to connect your LaunchNotes pages with your data pipeline via Segment. Take a look here to see how you add this snippet to your page.

Bug Fixes

Users with expired trial blocked from accessing other projects

We discovered that users who had access to multiple LaunchNotes pages were blocked from switching between an expired page and an active page. These often were cases where someone had created a new page unintentionally when trying to gain access to an existing, paid page. When that unintentional trial page expired, users were left in a blocked state where they couldn’t navigate away from the billing page. We addressed this issue with the urgency it deserved and we will monitor the fix over the coming weeks.

On a related note and coming soon to a LaunchNotes account near you….

​​We’ve noticed new users of an existing LaunchNotes account are frequently creating a new LaunchNotes account, and project, instead of following the invitation flow. Some of these users intend to become a collaborator or admin of an existing project. Others intend to become subscribers of a private page. When this happens it creates a less than ideal customer experience for the individual team member and for the team.

To fix this, our plan is to provide a project setting that allows any account from your company’s email domain to be automatically added to a project.

When a colleague signs up for your existing LaunchNotes account, they will be signed into the corresponding project automatically.

Modernizing the product development cycle 

You might have noticed that we’ve been putting a lot of energy and resources into new features and functionality surrounding customer and stakeholder feedback. Taking your ability to inform product development to the next level by aggregating feedback and organizing it into Ideas that can be reviewed, commented on, assessed, and then added directly to your roadmap. Connecting customer feedback directly to ideas on a roadmap bridges the gap between the feedback, planning, and building phases of the product development cycle.

And bridging gaps throughout your product development cycle is exactly what we’re committed to! Connecting the core parts of the product development flywheel—comms, feedback, and planning—into one platform. We believe doing this will advance and accelerate the product teams of today, so they can be even more successful building the technologies of tomorrow. We’re calling this the LaunchNotes Product Success Platform, and you can learn more about our vision and mission around Product Success here.

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