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Final migration day for the new LaunchNotes platform

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

Today we're wrapping up the migration of all customer accounts over to the new LaunchNotes platform. If you're already using the new platform and have gone through the self opt-in process no action is needed and you can skip the details below.

If you were waiting for us to automatically migrate everything for you - today is the day! Read on for details.

What this means 🤔

If you haven't migrated your Releases over to Announcements and Roadmap items we'll run that migration for you today. As a refresher here is the overview of the new platform, LaunchNotes is getting a new look. This means:

  • "Complete" Releases will automatically migrate to Announcements

  • "In planning" and "In development" Releases will automatically migrate to Roadmap items

  • Announcements and Roadmap items will be shown on your public LaunchNotes page (instead of Releases)

  • You will soon no longer be able to sign in the old LaunchNotes platform at

  • Sign in to the new platform at moving forward

What do I need to do? 🛠

You'll want to verify all your Announcements and Roadmap items look as expected.

  1. Sign in to

  2. Verify your Announcement dates, images/assets, and content all look correct

  3. Visit your new Roadmap and verify all your new work items have the correct status/stage. Make sure your Roadmap is enabled under Settings > Roadmap

That's it! All of your Announcements, Roadmap items, and other LaunchNotes data are waiting for you in the new platform.

Questions? 🙋‍♀️

Reach out to the team over intercom or

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