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Improved email and slack notifications

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

Our new email and slack notifications will provide more context about the associated release and notes, while being more accessible.

LaunchNotes notifications are your direct line to the people that care about your product. Each one should be simple, informative, and delightful to open and read. To help with this we've added some design ๐Ÿ’ชand additional release data to notifications.

What's changing

- Email notifications will now include the release summary, image attachments, categories, and release status in the email

- Slack notifications will show release summary, image attachments, categories and release status


We plan to start rolling this out Wednesday, March 25th 2020.

Why did we do it?

Staying in the loop shouldn't feel like a chore

If your followers want to interact with LaunchNotes mostly from their email inbox it should be easy. Same with slack. This means including all the context for a release in a notification so viewers aren't left wondering, "Wait, what is this for again?" They shouldn't have to dig for more information from a product update to orient themselves on the actual update.

The new slack and email notification take care of this for you.

Detailed overview

Public notes email

Underneath the big button you'll see all the release meta data the update is associated with. With this new context followers have everything they need to know what's going on. If they want, they can click through to view the release for more details.

Internal notes email

Internal notes follow a similar structure with a subdued CTA. Images appear in both public and internal notes. Here's what a note with attached images looks like in email.

Slack notification

Shared slack notification

Whats next

Staying in the loop without creating extra work or feeling overwhelmed by notifications is an important part of LaunchNotes. These are the beginnings of what we believe will create an effortless and informative experience for your followers. Keep following the notifications category for more work in this space ๐Ÿš€

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