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Improved release filtering

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

Release filtering will allow you to view releases by categories and project views. A new element on your internal release page will be available as well as new field arguments in our Releases API.

As your product grows and changes, your catalog of releases becomes larger and more difficult to manage. With category filtering, your releases are just a click away.

What's changing?

The internal release index has a new filtering element

On the right side of your releases page, you'll now see a new grey element, with a dropdown at the top, followed by a cloud of categories. Selecting a status from the dropdown will filter your releases by that status. Clicking a category allows you to further refine your view by one or many categories.

Note that the project view dropdown is no longer available in the top left corner of this view.

You'll notice that this feature is not available on public pages yet. We will be rolling this out in the coming weeks with our new public page layouts.

The releases API now has filtering

You can now pass a view and categories argument to your releases connection type.

<strong>view</strong>: A ProjectView slug

categories: An array of category IDs

Read more about our API: Getting started with the API

Why we did it

Working quickly and efficiently in LaunchNotes is critical to productive release communications. As we expand our feature set, and everybody's release catalogs grow, we want to make sure that LaunchNotes remains fast and easy to use.


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