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Jira App, Part 1: The AI Writing Assistant

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes
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As we move through 2024, we here at LaunchNotes HQ will be focused on making all your tools work better by letting you integrate industry-leading software and custom apps right into LaunchNotes. We've started by creating first-class integrations with Atlassian services, and one that we are particularly excited about is our AI Writing Assistant for Jira.

This new app, available for download in the Atlassian Marketplace, will automate the drafting of your LaunchNotes announcement by selecting content directly from completed issues in Jira. Generate a draft announcement that gets you 90% complete in just a few clicks - say goodbye to writer’s block! The AI Writing Assistant helps ensure your product updates are accurate, relevant, and because it’s so easy, it can help you put your updates on a predictable cadence for your team.

One more benefit we hope you'll enjoy: the app should free-up your time to focus on more strategic work while our AI Writing Assistant takes care of the rest, keeping your communication top-notch with minimal effort.

Additionally, we'll help you get started with personalized 1:1 onboarding, where we'll work with you to design the best prompts tailored to your brand, project, and audience. Just reach out to us at to get a time set up with our team.

For you self-starters, check out these knowledge base articles: for Installing & Setup; and How to Generate an Announcement.

Watch the video to see it in action

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