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LaunchNotes opening to the world 🚀

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Better product change communication is here. We’re coming out of beta and into your homes. We’re now generally available to the public! Try it free today

What's changing?

Everything! LaunchNotes is officially generally available for team's to use as their product change communication platform. Try it for free 30 over at

What is LaunchNotes?

LaunchNotes is a platform to easily communicate product changes with your team and customers. It puts all of your teams on the same page, so when it's time to communicate your incredible work to your customers, everyone has all of the context they need to do the best job possible.

The LaunchNotes suite of tools help your team tackle the chaos of communicating an ever growing list of changes to an ever growing list of people.

Public release stream

Click a few buttons and have a full featured, branded public release stream for your customers

Internal change feed

Provide people at your company with an internal view for internal and public releases

No more noise

Categories power your notifications so you only hear about the changes you care about

Release article

Use a full WYSIWYG editor to add an optional release article to dive into the details of a release

Communicating changes

LaunchNotes makes it easy to get product change in front of the right people at the right time.

  • No more trying to figure out who should know what

  • No more answering the same "status" questions over and over on team chat

  • No more surprising customers and internal teams with changes to the product

Staying in the loop

LaunchNotes makes staying up to date on changes easy without feeling exhausted.

  • No more digging through slack and project trackers for updates

  • No more noisy un-curated product updates

  • No more always feeling in the dark about what's coming next with the product


The different types of changes you need to communicate are as nuanced as the number of different groups you to need communicate to - LaunchNotes understands this. Try it free for 30 days over at

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