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LaunchNotes: Private beta launch 🚀

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

Invite-only access to LaunchNotes! GA to come in 2020.

LaunchNotes is officially in private beta! Here's a look at what our account looks like below

With LaunchNotes you can

- create public/private Releases to talk about product changes

- classify Releases using categories to help subscribers only follow what they care about

- host a publicly accessible page for all your Releases that matches your brand

- invite internal followers to view private Releases

and more!

How to get in

Need a product change communication tool? Or, want to poke around in a test account?

Head over to to request access. Or, email directly support[at] and request access. Currently sign up is invite only.

Bugs beware

We spent a good deal of time in QA before this launch but if something looks off, that's probably because it is.


If it's not a bug it might be feedback on a certain area of the app. Please send us your thoughts!

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