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Subscription management upgrade

Leveling up subscriber management

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes
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Happy hump day!

The team’s been hard at it, working on building and releasing a myriad of exciting things that will make your LaunchNotes experience more powerful and intuitive than ever. 

In last week’s Feature Friday we mentioned some upcoming improvements to the subscriber management experience, and today we’re thrilled to be delivering those improvements! This update unlocks a number of new ways for you to view, manage, and update your LaunchNotes subscriber list. This includes:

  • Search and select. Looking for a specific subscriber or group of subscribers? Now you can easily search for both individuals and domains, and then quickly bulk select targeted groups.

  • Enhanced filtering. Need to see which subscribers aren’t confirmed? We’ve added in filters that allow you to see confirmed vs unconfirmed subscribers with a click.

  • Improved pagination. Since we know many customers have subscriber lists that are in the thousands, we’ve added the ability for you to select the number of records you’d like to see at any given time (25, 50, 100).

Laying the groundwork for additional improvements

Today’s update is one small step for the subscriber management portal, one giant leap for the future of subscriber management in LaunchNotes! What’s even more exciting than getting these new capabilities live is knowing they’ve unlocked our ability to move even faster in shipping additional updates in the months ahead. So what are we thinking about building next?

Our longer-term vision for subscriber and audience management include ideas like:

  • Additional bulk actions (ie, batch confirming subscribers)

  • Subscriber-level analytics for engagement and feedback

  • Domain matching on sign-up

  • Export functionality

  • An amazing idea you’re about to share with us :)

What else would you like our subscriber management portal to do? Drop your comments and feedback to the left!

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