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Manage project view visibility

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

Project views now have a new check box that can be used to hide certain views from your public project page. This is great for teams that would like to only show certain views to their customers, like “Complete,” but would like deeper organization on their internal page.

A little refresher on Project views

Project views allow you to create subsets of your release catalog. You can partition them by category and status. Project views are used to create navigation on your internal and public pages. They're also great for creating custom scopes in our embedded APIs.

Project views are currently in Beta. If you're interested in getting access, please let us know!

You can now configure what project views are visible on your public page

Under Project Settings > Views, you will see a new column titled "On public page?"

This gives you a quick view of what is currently visible to your customers.

Clicking Update in the actions menu brings you to the project view update form.

Here, you'll see a new check box titled "Display on public page." Unchecking the box hides that project view on your public page.

You can hide all but one project view.

That means, the last publicly visible project view becomes your primary filter.

So, for example, if you would like to only show Complete releases, you would hide All, In development and In planning.

When only one project view is publicly visible, we'll hide the navigation.

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