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Marketing site is live 🕺

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The marketing site for LaunchNotes. Learn about the product before trying it.

The LaunchNotes marketing site is up and running at We worked with an incredible illustrator on the assets and couldn't be happier with how this version turned out. Getting in to the product is still restricted in Private Beta but you can head over now to the website and request access.

Assets 🎨

We aim for a warm, approachable, artistic feeling when you land on the website and our illustrator did an excellent job conveying this through various illustrations. You'll also see these throughout the main application when you sign up.

Content ✍️

Personas stories make up the bulk of the content in this first version. We want to tell the story from the lens of those most impacted by product changes that aren't the ones pushing the code.

Product screenshots didn't make it into this version. We're expecting screens to rapidly change over the next few weeks while we work in feedback from private beta users. That said, design is in a fairly stable spot so we'll have more to show on the product side publicly soon.

Plumbing 🤖

The website is powered by We found it very easy to work with and plan on using it for more properties down the line. The request access flow uses Webflow forms + Zapier + Airtable to keep track of who we're sending invites to. From there we'll send invites using a home grown solution that Tyler built.

Request access to LaunchNote at

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