Team LaunchNotes

May small changes roundup

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

Here’s a list of all the small changes that went out in May. If it’s listed below that means it’s live.


  • Ability to merge users into a single organization (this has to be done by LaunchNotes support at the moment)
  • The button color on project views filter has changed
  • Default releases to "all" filter when you sign in to LaunchNotes
  • Switch to intercom for our support and chat tooling
  • We'll be using the nomenclature "Public release stream" and "Internal change feed" more frequently to represent you public and internal home for product updates


  • Add a "preferences" link to public release update emails for managing subscription.
  • Remove a bug where the title tag was being rendered twice for a public page
  • Unticking the publish button under project settings is now saving out correctly


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