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New allocations and pricing

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

New pricing and allocations for basic, premium and business offerings.

We are making some minor changes to pricing and allocations across all our plans.

Important: If you've chosen a plan before today you will remain on that plan. These changes only apply to new customers or customers who are still in their 30-day trial window and have yet to activate on a plan.

What's changing for each plan


  • Stakeholder allocation increasing from 0 to 2 ☝️

  • Project user allocation decreasing from 2 to 1 👇

  • Public subscriber count increasing from 50 to 100 ☝️


  • Pricing will change from $29/m to $39/m ☝️

  • Stakeholder allocation increasing from 10 to 15 ☝️


  • Project user allocation decreasing from 20 to 15 👇

  • Stakeholder allocation increasing from 50 to 60 ☝️


  • 60+ stakeholder allocations

  • 15+ project user allocations

Why we did it

It's no secret that fine-tuning pricing and packaging is one of the most difficult tasks in building a SaaS business. Having now been generally available for over five weeks, we've had dozens of conversations with evaluators, users, and customers about our pricing structure. Specifically what's working and what isn't. Today's changes to our pricing and allocations reflect that feedback.

In short, we've received two major pieces of feedback since LaunchNotes became generally available:

1. Teams don't need nearly as many project users, but are hitting stakeholder limits far faster than they thought
2. The simplicity of our pricing structure, specifically from a per-user-pricing standpoint, didn't make sense as it scaled

Today we're addressing those two concerns in three ways:

1. Increasing the amount of stakeholders on every plan type, and introducing stakeholders to the Basic plan for the first time
2. Decreasing the amount of project users on Basic and Business
3. Aligning monthly pricing on Premium and Business to align with a simpler per-user-pricing structure ($8/project user on Premium, $7/project user on Business)

Today's changes reflect some specific feedback we've received since our launch, but we know they won't be the final changes we make in the months and years ahead. And we can't improve without your feedback, so please reach out with feedback anytime at hey[at] We welcome it!

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