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New Confluence Integration: Your Central Hub for Product Change

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes
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Hundreds of leading enterprises rely on LaunchNotes as the central hub for all product changes across their organization. However, we also recognize that countless teams depend on Confluence for their product documentation. Having two separate platforms can lead to duplicative work and the risk of miscommunication.

To address this challenge, we’re thrilled to announce the introduction of our Confluence integration to bridge the gap between where work happens and where it's communicated.

Enhanced collaboration and alignment

The Confluence integration seamlessly connects your product updates with your organization’s existing Confluence spaces, eliminating the need for duplicative work and ensuring consistent communication across all teams. With this integration, you can:

  • Publish high-fidelity product updates directly to any Confluence space, simultaneously when posting them to LaunchNotes.

  • Enable seamless sharing, commenting, and discussion on each update within Confluence for greater collaboration and alignment.

  • Ensure product updates are immediately searchable, allowing anyone in your organization to find the relevant information they're looking for quickly.

Improved visibility and transparency

By integrating our platform with Confluence, you can enhance visibility and transparency across your organization, ensuring that product updates are easily accessible and understood by all stakeholders. This integration empowers your teams to:

  • Share product updates with internal teams and stakeholders, fostering transparency and trust.

  • Provide context and rationale behind product decisions, facilitating better understanding and buy-in.

  • Encourage cross-functional collaboration and knowledge sharing, breaking down silos and promoting a more cohesive organizational culture.

With the Confluence integration, you can streamline product communication, enhance collaboration, and ensure that everyone in your organization is informed and aligned with the latest product updates. Stay ahead of the curve and experience the benefits of seamless product change management today.

(FUN FACT: this announcement was drafted using the LaunchNotes' Loom for Announcements feature )

To get started

To connect your LaunchNotes account to your Atlassian account and to get the details on publishing to Confluence, visit our “get started” guides for our Atlassian integrations, here.

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