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New: Customer Feedback v2

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

We're excited to share that Customer Feedback v2—one of the biggest LaunchNotes updates this year—is now live!

Unlocking Continuous Communication

Customers are every organization’s most valuable asset. As such, ensuring you’re continuously engaging and communicating with these customers and regularly soliciting their feedback is a cornerstone of high performing R&D teams. At LaunchNotes we refer to this exchange with your users as maintaining a dialogue.

Cultivating a structured dialogue with customers has a myriad of benefits for your organization, and specifically your Product and Development teams. Some of these benefits include:

  • Making faster and more impactful product roadmap decisions using rich qualitative and quantitative data

  • Shipping higher quality features by soliciting feedback throughout the entire product development lifecycle

  • Building greater loyalty and trust with your customers by ensuring their voices are heard and opinions are valued

  • The ability to not only set clear expectations about what work is being prioritized and why, but also close the loop with users when you’ve satisfied their requests

…and so much more!

With the release of Feedback v2, the ability to bring your organization and your users into a world of continuous communication is now at your fingertips. Kick off a dialogue with your customers today to elevate their voices, manage and draw insights from their feedback, and build greater loyalty and trust across your user base.

But enough of us waxing poetic. Let’s get to the good stuff!

Everything shipping in Feedback v2

Feedback v2 will be available for any organization on LaunchNotes Business or Enterprise.

🎁 General Feedback Form

Now, on the left of the primary Announcement and Roadmap pages, there’s a general feedback form. This form allows you to collect feature requests and any other general feedback, even if it’s not tied to a specific announcement or roadmap item. The general feedback form also allows you to gather a description, measure level of impact/importance, and capture the stakeholder’s email address for easy follow-up.


📬 Feedback Inbox

All Feedback from Announcements, Roadmap items, and the new general feedback form can now be reviewed in a single inbox. The inbox also provides an easy way for your team to leave their feedback or submit feedback on behalf of customers.

Needs organizing.png

The inbox is divided into two tabs: needs organizing, and all. Organize Feedback into Ideas, Announcements, Roadmap items, or archive it to clear the needs organizing tab and achieve inbox zero. 😌

Empty state.png

💡 Ideas

Ideas are containers for feedback and feature requests that don’t map to any existing Roadmap item or Announcement. They help your team synthesize and organize all of the feedback being received. With Ideas it’s easy to visualize and understand what users are asking for, and ultimately prioritize where your team should be focusing its time and resources.

Manage and view Ideas in the Feedback section of your LaunchNotes project.

Already thinking about how nice it would be to publish Ideas to your Roadmap so you can collect additional feedback on them? Sit tight, we’re already on it! Subscribe to this Roadmap Item to follow the progress and provide us with feedback along the way.

📤 Feedback Settings and Forwarding

Under Settings → Feedback is the ability to add up to 10 email addresses where you would like new feedback collected to be forwarded. This option is perfect for teams that prefer to monitor or manage feedback in another application.


Also under Settings → Feedback is a new global setting to disable all Feedback collection. If your team is not interested or ready to collect feedback via your LaunchNotes page, you can disable it here.

But we’re not stopping there… 😏

Beyond everything going live in today’s v2, the team is already working on several additional improvements to even further uplevel LaunchNotes’ Feedback functionality. These include:

#️⃣ A Slack app that empowers anyone on your team to easily create and leave feedback in LaunchNotes with a few keystrokes, without ever leaving Slack.

🗳 Published Ideas and Voting will not only allow your R&D team to collect a wider array of feedback, but also unlock customers’ ability to selectively vote on Ideas they’d like to see built.

♺ Improved conversation management will unlock Customer Success and Support teams’ ability to easily submit feedback on behalf of customers. LaunchNotes will then connect those customers to relevant updates related to their feedback and keep them notified as their ideas transition from development through to release.

Have feedback for us on anything above? Not to be too meta, but drop us a line using the new Feedback widget you’ll find on our main LaunchNotes page:

What do I need to do?

✔ Check your public page

This update includes the addition of a general feedback form on the Announcement and Roadmap primary pages. We recommend that you review your published page to ensure that any custom CSS is applied appropriately.

Save this CSS snippet

If you ever want or need to hide the general feedback form from your LaunchNotes page, we’ve got your back! Just add this custom CSS to your project, and poof💨, the general feedback form will disappear.


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