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OPEN TODAY: The closed-Beta release of Views for roadmaps

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes
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Today marks the culmination of a capability we’ve been designing for some time, but only the beginning of a feature set that has the potential to unlock immense value to your LaunchNotes experience: the closed-beta release of Views for roadmaps. This is the v1 release of Views, purpose-built to compound the value and efficiency of product change communications for product management, team alignment, and customer engagement. 

The inspiration for this capability stems directly from customer requests and conversations which identified the need and love for one central location for all product communications (go LaunchNotes!) but wanting more standardization to processes, greater flexibility of how content is presented, and increased ease of management of that content. A combo that rarely co-exists without one of the benefits being diminished for the strength of the other, but we believe we cracked the code for roadmaps!

Tailored specifically for the modern product team, Views for roadmaps is a new capability in the quiver for those responsible for reporting on and delivering the product development commitments of a roadmap for multiple audiences, even multiple products. The feature set has been crafted to enable users to generate several roadmaps from a single project, each with its own shareable link, subset of content, and viewer access.

Here’s how Views for roadmaps can turbo-charge your product management, customer success, and sales engagements:

  • Multiple roadmaps from a single project: Create multiple roadmaps, each with its own shareable link, content, and viewer access controls.

  • Roadmaps for internal team: Tailor roadmap views to meet specific criteria of internal teams – be it for individual work, client-specific needs, or team-focused projects.

  • VIP customer-specific pages: Efficiently create and manage roadmaps tailored for each VIP customer, ensuring they receive the most relevant information about the work they’re most invested in.

  • Visibility control: Choose from unpublished, private, or public settings for specific roadmap views. This flexibility ensures the right eyes see the right information at the right time.

  • Audience selection: Enable access at the domain level, or specify who sees a roadmap View by individual email addresses.

  • Branded-customization options: From roadmap stages and categories to dev team owner and team member roles, tailor every aspect of a View. Enhance your roadmap with custom headers, subheads, CSS/HTML styling, and custom URL slugs.

  • View protection: Implement specific security and publishing controls. With this feature, only designated admins and publishers can modify or add roadmap items, ensuring content integrity and security.

Created for product managers with benefits that extend across an organization 

Facilitating customized user experience: Different stakeholders have varied interests and concerns regarding product changes. Providing tailored communications enables product managers to address the specific needs and queries of each customer, leading to a more personalized and satisfying user experience.

Driving strategic decision-making: For enterprise clients, understanding the product roadmap is vital for their strategic planning. Detailed and bespoke roadmaps enable customers to make informed decisions about how they integrate and use your product within their systems and long-term strategies.

Enabling proactive feedback and engagement: By keeping stakeholders informed about upcoming changes, product managers can invite early feedback. 

Supporting customer success: When customer success managers are armed with detailed product change information, they can better assist customers, resolve issues more efficiently, and provide invaluable guidance. 

Reducing sales cycles: Sales teams gain real-time product knowledge to accelerate sales cycles, improve expansion opportunities, and tailor sales strategies to customer needs.

Views for roadmaps is more than a feature set – it's a new way of working for product management, customer engagement, and sales efficiency. As we noted at the top of this announcement, we’re working on how the Views can be applied to other LaunchNotes capabilities, such as announcements, ideas, and more. Stay tuned!

If you’d like to participate in the closed-beta for Views, please reach out and schedule a time with us, and we’ll be in touch to get you rolling.

We'd love your feedback

We’d be delighted to get your thoughts on Views and how this feature might help with your team alignment and customer engagement. Would you use this more for internal alignment or customer engagement? Or both equally? Let us know by leaving your feedback on this announcement!

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