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Roadmaps are now in beta ✌️

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

Beginning this week you can opt-in to the new Roadmaps feature! Check out some of the highlights that make using Roadmaps in LaunchNotes extremely powerful for your change communications.

Custom stages / status

Create custom stages to display Roadmap items on your LaunchNotes page. Keep them high level or map directly to your product development process.


Present them right next to your Announcements on your LaunchNotes page.

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Roadmap item subscriptions

Your customers will soon have the ability to subscribe to and follow individual Roadmap items. Now, you have visibility into a dedicated list of people eagerly awaiting your launch.


You can also "add subscribers" to your Roadmap work items in the admin interface. Perfect for people that come through on support asking when something is going to be shipped.

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 8.10.08 AM.png

Fuzzy "Done" date

It's hard to say exactly when something will be shipped. It'd still be nice to give people a rough idea. Now, you can use a fuzzy answer to let people know when something is coming. Give a Roadmap item an exact date and choose a "fuzzy" option to display a more natural way of when it'll be done.

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Collect feedback along the way

Hearing from your customers as you build features helps polish your concepts before they land. Learn something you didn't know and collect positive testimonies from beta users with Roadmap feedback.

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Need to migrate existing in-progress releases?

If you're a current user of LaunchNotes and you have "in development" or "in planning" public releases you can migrate them over to Roadmap items. Head to your migration page and find the "Migrate Releases to Roadmap items" button.

How do I get Roadmaps?

Roadmaps are available during your trial and on the premium plan. Feedback is available as an add-on. Roadmaps in LaunchNotes are your new tool to build launch lists and communicate the future. While we're in beta, please leave any feedback you have on Roadmaps on our own Roadmap item.

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