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Early Access Program coming this January: Conversations for feedback

In our December announcement, we provided a sneak peek at some of the features we’ve been working on. One of those features will be ready for introduction in the new year, but before we ship it broadly, we plan to field an Early Access Program (EAP) in January for the feature, Conversations for feedback. Subscribe to the roadmap item here to participate in the EAP. From there we’ll schedule a kick-off call in January with our product and design team to enroll you in the program with access and onboarding support to the feature.

Conversations for feedback

At LaunchNotes, we're true believers that great products and services are created when there is an open and ongoing dialogue between product teams and their stakeholders. We’re excited to introduce Conversations to support this critical exchange that all too often is neglected. 

For project admins and contributors, Conversations will be accessible in the Feedback inbox, enabling external emails with clients and internal notes with team members to discuss, refine and shape feedback, keeping everyone on the same page and your clients in the loop of where and how their feedback is being actioned in product development.

The capabilities we’re building into Conversations will enable product teams to: 

  • connect directly with a customer, initiating a dedicated conversation for a specific feedback item

  • keep track of the conversation and engage external participants with automatic email notifications when a new message is added to the conversation thread 

  • exchange internal notes to teammates on feedback items

  • review the external emails and internal notes associated with a feedback item so that the entire discussion can function as a single-source of the truth for what is being asked for and what might be built

Conversations will help take feedback to the next level, making it easier than ever for product teams to connect with their customers and internal team, and iterate on feedback to build the features and functionality their users will love.

Subscribe to the roadmap item to join the January EAP

Interested in joining this Early Access Program? Subscribe to the Conversations for feedback roadmap item today, and in January, we’ll be in touch to onboard you to this EAP.

We look forward to hearing from you and partnering with you in January. In the meantime, have a very merry and healthy holiday!

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