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Salesforce and HubSpot CRM integrations

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Great product managers know that while all feedback is a gift, during the prioritization process not all feedback has the luxury of being weighted equally. Among other factors, product managers look at who provided the feedback, how many others have expressed similar feedback, how urgent it is, and so on. 

Importantly, product managers also have to consider the dollar value of those who are submitting particular feedback. For example, a piece of feedback from a user on your free tier isn’t going to be weighted the same as an urgent request from the admin of your highest-paying Enterprise customer. And make this process easier than ever, we’re working on two new CRM integrations.

Salesforce and HubSpot CRM integrations

Beginning with Salesforce and Hubspot CRM, we’re building new integrations that bring revenue data from your preferred CRM directly into LaunchNotes. 

These new integrations unlock product managers’ ability to append both feedback items and ideas with account revenue data, making prioritization of work easier and faster than ever. Armed with revenue values from your existing opportunities and accounts, product managers will be able to quickly reference which feedback and ideas have the greatest potential to impact revenue metrics.

The V1 of our CRM integrations will provide immediate value for product teams trying to plan their 2023 roadmaps and zeroing in on the features that will drive the most value for your VIP customers. And, based on your feedback, we’ll be considering additional improvements to our CRM integrations throughout 2023.

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