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Publishing permissions for announcement and roadmap items

STAGE: Complete

Large organizations cannot risk individual employees publishing product change notifications without proper review and approval. The absence of mandatory reviews increases the potential for inaccuracies and communication misalignment, posing a risk to brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Roadmap publishing controls

Publishing permissions will de-risk the content publishing process, and enhance collaboration, knowledge sharing, transparency, and accountability for teams using LaunchNotes. The addition of a draft state for roadmap items, and the improvements to the announcement drafting workflow will give your team more clarity and provide greater ease of use when managing your product change communications.

Publishing permissions

To mitigate these risks and enhance the practice of publishing content in LaunchNotes, we are introducing publishing controls. The key aspect of this capability is the restriction of publishing permissions to admins, ensuring that announcements and roadmap items drafted by contributors go through an admin before being published.

To support these changes, roadmap items will now have a draft state. The draft state provides greater control over what content is visible on the published roadmap page and provides you and your team with greater confidence when drafting roadmap item content in LaunchNotes.

As part of this scope of work, several improvements will also be made to the announcement editing experience. This will consolidate the 4-step wizard into a single page bringing content, notification settings, previews, and publishing all into the same screen. 

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