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Roadmap item links

STAGE: Complete

Context is king for roadmap items. If all the context isn’t available, it can lead to confusion, and inefficiencies, and hinder the successful rollout of new product features.

We’re addressing this challenge with a roadmap item links feature. Links allow admins and contributors to create a rich consolidated list of links for additional context. Each link will include a title and platform icons for services like Slack, Notion, Jira, Confluence, Figma, and more. 

Links provide:

  • Enhanced coordination: Product teams will be able to centralize relevant resources directly within the roadmap item, making it easier for all stakeholders to access the information they need and stay informed

  • Greater context: The feature will provide valuable context behind each feature release, ensuring that GTM teams understand the rationale and key details, leading to more effective go-to-market strategies

Ultimately, roadmap item links will facilitate smoother product launches and improved collaboration between product and GTM teams.

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