October 2023
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Close the loop with "Promote" idea to roadmap

STAGE: Complete
PROJECTED DONE: October 2023

The ability to ‘promote’ ideas in LaunchNotes to the roadmap makes it possible to close the loop with customers and internal stakeholders that provide feedback and votes related to the work your team is prioritizing. 

With the addition of the ‘promote’ capability, it will be easier and more efficient than ever to keep customers and internal stakeholders informed on the product development work related to their feedback and votes. Keep these stakeholders in the loop as their feedback is organized to an Idea, as that Idea is promoted to a roadmap item, and as that roadmap item has announcements published to provide updates as it progresses through your team’s product development lifecycle.  

Today, a product team can seamlessly attach customer feedback to specific ideas in the LaunchNotes management portal, creating a direct link between user input and the potential work-to-be-done. “Promote” builds on this existing capability and enables:

  • Promote ideas to roadmap items: Take promising ideas in the management portal to the next level by promoting them to committed roadmap items with just a few clicks, streamlining the path from suggestion to implementation.

  • Automated customer updates: When an idea graduates to a roadmap item, the LaunchNotes platform will automatically send email notifications to the original subscribers who contributed the feedback or vote, ensuring they're informed and engaged throughout the product development journey.

Why leverage this new feature?

  • Engage users: Keep users updated on what matters most to them - the feedback they have directly provided to your team. 

  • Streamline workflow: Easily create roadmap items from the original idea without copy and pasting, while clearing out the ideas from view once they have been promoted. 

  • Data chain: The context of the feedback remains visible on the promoted roadmap item - so your team will never lose track of who cares about a new feature, and why. 

  • Build trust: Foster trust and transparency by demonstrating your commitment to customer-centric improvements.

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