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Team members for roadmap items

STAGE: Complete

Managing and coordinating the various aspects of your product roadmap can be quite challenging. Ensuring that everyone knows who is responsible for each roadmap item and who is actively contributing is crucial for effective collaboration.

For this reason, we’re building team members for roadmap items, a new feature for our product roadmap management. This feature will allow you to assign an owner and multiple team members to each roadmap item within our management portal. Importantly, this information remains private and is not visible on the public roadmap page. Here are a few of the things we’re excited about this feature:

  • Clear ownership: Assign a primary contact for each roadmap item, enhancing decision-making and accountability

  • Collaboration simplified: Foster teamwork and cross-functional contributions by adding multiple team members to a roadmap item

  • Improved visibility: See all the individuals involved in a particular roadmap item. This transparency will help you track progress, identify bottlenecks, and ensure everyone is on the same page

By using this feature, you'll streamline coordination, enhance communication, and improve your go-to-market process. Your product and GTM teams will work more efficiently, leading to successful product launches and a more cohesive organization.

Avatar customization

The “team members for roadmap items" will also include an update to user avatars within the management portal. With “avatar customization,” users can upload and update a personal avatar under their personal settings. Make your profile uniquely yours.

Additionally, the default avatar will be updated to display the initials of a user by default. These initials will be generated using the first letter of a first name and the first letter of a last name, or the first letter of the email address if a name isn’t present. These updates offer a more personalized and informative experience, ensuring that profiles are more descriptive and user-friendly for the broader team.

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