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Announcing Roadmap Reports: Personalized email reports for internal alignment and coordination

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes
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Today, we're excited to announce a significant release that should help internal stakeholders remain engaged and informed throughout the product development lifecycle: Roadmap Reports

The introduction of roadmap reports for LaunchNotes users marks an entirely new level of engagement and utility for your internal teams. This feature is tailored for LaunchNotes users across various internal departments - including executive leadership, success, marketing, sales, and support. It enables your organization to maintain a high level of transparency and communication within the team throughout the product development lifecycle and journey. Roadmap reports are a strategic tool to ensure that your most invested internal stakeholders have the agency to set up their own roadmap reports and remain thoroughly informed and involved at every stage of product development.

Ongoing engagement and dialogue are pivotal in the journey from product feedback and ideation to a feature release. It's about bringing the organization along, making them a part of the process as you prioritize, build, and ship features, improvements, and bug fixes. With the release of roadmap reports, the product development journey becomes more transparent, more inclusive, and more actionable at every stage of development. 

The roadmap reports feature is designed to work seamlessly with your existing workflows. It allows you and your team to tailor the way you track and share progress. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Email digest: A customized overview with the most relevant roadmap item activities and changes, keeping everyone in the loop and prepared.

  • Personalized content: Users can self-select the roadmap events that matter most to them, ensuring that every update is relevant and meaningful.

  • Customizable timeframe: Whether it's daily or a weekly summary, the reports adapt to a specific user’s preferred schedule, ensuring timely and effective updates.

  • Streamlined updates: Key changes and developments are consolidated into a clear, concise email format, making it easier for everyone to remain on the same page.

Enhancing cross-functional team performance across the board

Getting started with Roadmap Reports

Roadmap reports have been enabled for all users today - but if you’d like to customize your report it’s simple for a LaunchNotes user to personalize a roadmap report to their particular preferences.

Navigate to the lower left-hand corner of the management portal control panel - click on your name, then select user preferences.

Within user preferences, the user should select roadmap report in the upper Nav to customize their roadmap digest:

  • By frequency: daily, once a week, or any combination of days.

  • By event type: owner change, categories updated; roadmap item created, moved, or published. The default is set to “All Events.”

  • By group: this will organize the roadmap digest email by either Event Type or Roadmap Item.

Additional settings to consider and manage

  • The roadmap report feature will be “on” by default for all current users.

  • The feature will be turned “on” only for your default project. The first report will be sent Friday, January 26, 2024 at 2pm GMT (unless a user updates their preferences prior to that date.)

  • A user can disable the feature in user settings. 

  • New LaunchNotes users created after January 22, 2024 will not have the report automatically enabled.

Should you have any questions or would like some help getting set-up, contact us at

Roadmap reports is more than a feature – it's a way to enhance the connection and coordination between product development and the entire cross-functional team. It's about keeping the lines of communication open, transparent, and engaging, ensuring everyone in the organization is part of the journey from feedback and ideation to feature development to GTM launch planning and execution.

Let us know what you think

Your feedback provides the foundation for everything we build and feature enhancements we ship. What do you think about roadmap reports? Is there additional functionality we should consider building? Let us know by leaving feedback on this announcement.

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