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Atlassian Team'24 - That's a Wrap!

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

There's much to say about an event as incredible as Atlassian Team '24, but most importantly, we want to thank those of you who spent time with us at the conference!

We're over the moon to have had the chance to meet 100's of product managers, Jira Admins, architects, and Product Operations wizards.

And the feedback on our Atlassian integrations was overwhelmingly positive. While demoing the app and features, we received valuable feedback and insights, which sparked great conversations and inspired fresh ideas for expanding the capabilities of what is already a solid foundation.

AI Writing Assistant for Jira

With our AI Writing Assistant you can transform the way updates are communicated within your organization.

The AI Writing Assistant can reduce, if not, eliminate the “hunting and gathering” of content in Jira, and then piecing it together to draft a product release announcement. Now, you can grab all the content you need from the source and draft a beautiful, tailored product update with just a few clicks. To get started, visit our Atlassian marketplace listing to download the app.

Roadmap Sync with Jira

The Roadmap Sync feature in the Jira app streamlines how R&D and product management teams collaborate, communicate, and remain aligned with updates to their product roadmaps.

Now you can generate roadmap items directly within Jira, keeping your roadmaps perfectly synchronized with your Jira workflow. What's even better, your LaunchNotes page does not require Jira seats, making this a cost effective way to keep stakeholders in the know about relevant work on your roadmap. To get started, visit our Atlassian marketplace listing to download the app.

Publish to Confluence

With the Publish to Confluence feature in LaunchNotes, you can now send your LaunchNotes announcements directly into any Confluence space with a simple click.

The integration centralizes product communications in Confluence, creating a comprehensive internal source of truth accessible to all business units. It enhances collaboration by enabling the distribution of high-fidelity LaunchNotes updates directly to Confluence spaces.

Loom for Announcements

With the Loom for Announcements feature in LaunchNotes, your product updates can now be more visual and engaging than ever before.

This integration supports Loom videos across all your product communication channels, including email, the embedded widget, Slack, and RSS feeds, ensuring your audience experiences updates wherever they are, in a format that is both engaging and easy to digest.

Here’s what we heard at the show, and what we’re considering for what’s next:

  • Expand the current AI Writing Assistant modal, which contains the summary announcement, to become a full-page takeover in Jira.

  • Enable the AI Writing Assistant to also include active issues to communicate progress of an issue or epic that is not yet totally complete.

  • Include a date slider with the AI Writing Assistant to filter issues completed on a specific date or within a particular sprint.

  • Use Confluence labels to ensure that stakeholders who follow a label will see product announcements cross-published to Confluence.

To get started with these Atlassian integrations, check out our comprehensive help collection.

Got feedback?

Please share what you think of our Atlassian app and features so we can add your insights and requests to what we’re considering to build next. And thanks for getting this far in the announcement! Have a wonderful weekend!

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