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Feature Friday - February 9: Announcement editor enhancements and more...

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

TGIF! And to celebrate, we'd like to kick-off this weekend with a Feature Friday. We have several improvements we’d like to make sure you’re aware of, and we also did some bug-hunting and squashed a couple of pesky issues!

Announcement editor enhancements

Informed by usability research and feedback from LaunchNotes customers, we've streamlined the announcement editor in the management portal. First, we've consolidated the all announcement management functions to the right-hand rail for greater discoverability and usability. This includes:

  • Combining the “Categories” and “Roadmap Item” selections into one module.

  • Merging the “Excerpt” section with “Search and share settings” into a “Share setting” module.

We’ve improved the clarity around customizing the excerpt and email subject line with toggles, providing the ability to switch back to the automatically generated versions with ease. We’ve also surfaced the "Excerpt-only" control for emails onto the main page, making it crystal clear what you’ll be sending to your audience’s inbox when you click publish. 

Last but not least, we’ve simplified the editing and placement of an announcement title, which is now editable at the top of the editor, above the “Hero image” container.

From our customers to our ears, these improvements should assist LaunchNotes users in drafting and publishing announcements with greater efficiency and enhance the overall experience of crafting product updates.

Roadmap tables & filters placement

For customers in the Views closed-beta for roadmaps, the “Views” drop-down is now left-justified for easy discoverability. For customers who have not enrolled in the Views beta and would like to, leave feedback here and we’ll be in touch.

For all users, the "Filters" controls have moved into a drawer accessible from the right-side of the roadmap page.

Bug fixes & remediations

Roadmap dates: In some cases, roadmap items were not displaying associated dates, and in those cases, when attempting to save a date, the request failed. Additionally, past dates could not be selected. Dates are now properly displayed and date selection and saving are working as expected for all roadmap items.

Roadmap (management portal): When scrolling through roadmap items in the management portal, roadmap items were rendered incorrectly in the tables column. This has been fixed and is now working as expected.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

We hope these enhancements are welcome additions to your overall LaunchNotes experience. Have any thoughts or suggestions on the editor updates? Want to join the Views beta? We'd love to hear from you! Just leave feedback with this announcement.

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