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Feature Friday - March 24: Platform enhancements and CRM integrations in April

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

Before everyone takes off for the weekend, we have a couple of updates we think you might like.

At LaunchNotes, we’re continuously improving our platform performance to make for better customer and user experiences, and today we’re excited to announce a few enhancements that do just that!

Improvements & fixes:

Management portal responsiveness: Over the last few weeks, we’ve been heads down to improve page load times, specifically in the management portal. We’ve streamlined by more than 20% the amount of the data needed to load and make the page functional for users, making the page load times faster and the page responsiveness snappier.

Database performance: We’ve set up a read-replica database which will noticeably improve all customer projects and the LaunchNotes embedded widget. What does that mean? Even faster page load times and accelerated query processing, delivering a smoother, more seamless navigational experience across a project with minimal latency.

Email notifications: We’ve reinforced our platform infrastructure for the higher-volume email notification sends that the enterprises of today require. This enhancement improves the overall platform performance when there is a high volume of email notifications being sent by one customer, as well as, the overall email notification activity performance on the platform at a given point in time. 

But that’s not all. Now that we have Conversations for feedback in public beta (we hope you’re using and enjoying it!), we’re preparing to roll out the next Early Access Program (EAP): Salesforce and Hubspot CRM Integrations.

CRM revenue data in LaunchNotes

In April, we’ll kick off an EAP for two new integrations with Salesforce and Hubspot CRM, bringing revenue data from your CRM directly into LaunchNotes. 

These new integrations will make it possible for product teams to append feedback, votes, and ideas with revenue data, making prioritization of work easier and faster than ever. Armed with revenue values from your existing opportunities or deals, your team in LaunchNotes will be able to quickly reference which feedback and ideas have the greatest potential to impact revenue metrics.

Interested in joining the EAP for Salesforce and Hubspot CRM Integrations, starting in April? Subscribe to the roadmap item and we’ll be in touch.

We’d love to get your feedback! 

As always, we greatly value your input on what we’re building. Stay tuned for more feature releases, updates, and improvements, and as always, let us know what you think by leaving us feedback on this announcement. Please and thank you! Have a wonderful weekend.

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