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Ideas - the latest update to the Feedback beta 💡

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes
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Today our feedback beta is getting a major upgrade with the introduction of Ideas! Just when you thought collecting feedback in LaunchNotes couldn't get any easier, we're bringing you more ways to organize, review, and surface the most valuable user feedback.

Wait, what beta?!

In case you missed the exciting news, last week we rolled our new feedback experience into private beta. For a comprehensive view of everything included in the beta program, including more about our plans to overhaul the feedback management process in LaunchNotes, head over to our previous announcement.

Still not enrolled and having serious FOMO? Request access now by contacting us at

And in case you still aren’t convinced the beta is for you, here’s everything we’re adding to the private Feedback beta today:

Idea creation 💭

Contributors in your LaunchNotes page can now create an idea when someone submits a feature request, problem, or other feedback item that doesn’t map to an existing announcement or roadmap item.

Ideas are a container to organize feedback, and can help you and your team better understand and prioritize your users’ needs.

Create ideas from the new Ideas page under Feedback, or as needed as you’re organizing feedback.


Feedback organization 🗂

To help you reduce clutter and keep a tidy inbox (especially when collecting feedback at scale!), we added quick actions to the Needs organizing tab of the feedback inbox.

Organize feedback into ideas, announcements, roadmap items, or simply archive it to clear the Needs organizing tab and achieve inbox zero 😌.

Note: To save you time, feedback left directly on an announcement or roadmap item will be automatically organized and will only appear on the “All” tab of the inbox.


Global feedback settings toggle 🌎

For teams that prefer not to collect feedback via LaunchNotes, there is a page-level setting to enable or disable feedback collection.

Feedback email workflow 📨

For teams that would like their LaunchNotes feedback to automatically flow to specific individuals or into another tool, we've also included page-level settings to forward the content of new feedback to up to 10 email addresses.


Enroll today 📣

Access to the private beta is open and if you’re interested in kicking the tires, we’d love to hear from you! Request access today by contacting us at

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