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Improved roadmap navigation is here!

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes
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As more product orgs continue to adopt LaunchNotes roadmaps to keep their teams better coordinated and aligned, we’ve received a growing number of requests from many of these teams to help them better manage and share their roadmaps at scale. And over the past few weeks our we've been hard at work improving the roadmap experience in both of these areas.

While we have some big updates on the way on the sharing front, today we’re rolling out two big updates that will vastly improve how teams of any size can now build and manage their roadmaps:

  1. Roadmap filters

  2. A new list view

Introducing roadmap filters

For large cross-functional teams and businesses with multiple product lines, navigating complex, multi-stage product roadmaps can be a major challenge. Hundreds of roadmap items on even a semi-custom workflow can leave the tidiest roadmap feeling cluttered and overwhelming.

And the end result for your teams? Product managers can’t track down the specific roadmap item(s) they’re looking for. Engineering teams don’t have enough visibility into upcoming work. GTM teams lack context on what’s shipping when… the list goes on.

Without clear, focused, views of a roadmap, coordination suffers.

Create tailored roadmap views in seconds with filters

To solve this issue, we’ve introduced five roadmap filters that will allow any stakeholder to surface the roadmap information relevant to them with a click. 

Beginning today, LaunchNotes users can filter their roadmap based on any combination of the following attributes:

  • Categories

  • Owner 

  • Members

  • Roadmap stage

  • Published state

While there are endless variations of tailored roadmap views you can create with these new filters, here are three use cases our teams have already fallen in love with (and we think you might as well!)

The GTM filter

Our PMM and Sales teams use this view to review during their Monday morning sync to ensure both teams are aware of anything imminent on the roadmap that may require launch prep and/or enablement.

The stand-up filter

Our dev team uses this view to quickly filter through each project by owner as they conduct their bi-weekly stand-ups and briefly update one another on the status of work in flight.

The product investment filter

As each of our core investment areas has a category attached to the respective work item, it’s easy for our leadership to see, at a glance, the resource allocation and the development progress in each core investment area at any given time.

Meet the new list view

But filters aren't the only way we’re leveling-up our roadmaps. Today we’re also rolling out a new list view!

If some of the aforementioned issues are creating a situation in which your roadmap is feeling cluttered and unwieldy, our new list view is another tool you now have in your toolbelt to help craft a roadmap view that will show you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

List views are easier to scan, provide more context thanks to their width, and can be further refined using our new filters so you can zoom in on exactly the section of your roadmap you care about most.

Since we first began investing in roadmap tooling we’ve been asked for a list view, and we’re happy to deliver it today.

More signal, less noise

From day one we’ve built LaunchNotes on the ethos of more signal and less noise, and our hope is that these new roadmap capabilities are just one more way in which we’re doing exactly that for your team. All while creating more seamless alignment between your product team and the rest of your organization.

How’d we do?

We built these new roadmap capabilities in large part because you asked for them, and your voice will continue to guide future investments. With that in mind, give our new roadmap views and filters a try, and let us know what you think.

If you have any thoughts, questions, concerns, or feedback, just drop us a line to the left. We’re all ears!

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