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Outbound Webhooks: Available today!

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes
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We’re proud to introduce an exciting new capability that marks the first step in our 2024 integration strategy and lays the foundation for making the LaunchNotes platform extensible to any tool or workflow in your stack: Outbound Webhooks

What are Outbound Webhooks?

Outbound webhooks are a mechanism used to enable near real-time data sharing between applications. An outbound webhook is a predefined HTTP callback that sends automated messages or notifications from one system to another based on specific events or triggers. These events could range from user actions to updates in a database. By leveraging outbound webhooks, developers can ensure seamless integration between different platforms, facilitating timely information exchange and enhancing the benefits from working in multiple best-in-class tools.

The foundation for deep integrations with LaunchNotes

The design of outbound webhooks on the LaunchNotes platform is centered around enabling smooth and customizable interactions from data objects within LaunchNotes to other tools, including product, project management, marketing, sales, and support tools, creating greater value for you and your team when these tools are working together rather than in separate silos.

What’s under the hood

Outbound webhooks represent a comprehensive approach to enhancing the efficiency and utility of your product communications and processes within LaunchNotes.

Timely updates across LaunchNotes

Trigger a webhook notification when: 

  • Announcements: Are scheduled or published

  • Templates: Are created, updated, or used

  • Feedback records: Are created or organized

  • Ideas: Are published or unpublished

  • Roadmap items: Transition between stages on the roadmap

  • Subscriptions: Are created, updated, and/or unsubscribed

  • Views: Are created, archived, or duplicated

Optional authorization

If the webhook URL requires username and password authentication, LaunchNotes outbound webhooks are compatible with those requirements. 

Customization and flexibility

Configure your webhooks to match your specific needs. Choose the events that trigger your webhooks and control the flow of data to your systems.

Efficiency and reduced resource allocation 

Replace constant polling of the GraphQL API with webhooks that send data as soon as it's available, reducing server load and network traffic.

Empowering your engineering team for business growth

Our outbound webhooks were designed to support your engineering teams in building out integrations and accelerating deployment. The introduction of this feature lays the foundation for your ability to integrate LaunchNotes with prominent platforms like Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zendesk, Azure Dev Ops, Jira, and more.

We'd love your feedback

We’re excited to offer outbound webhooks as a flexible solution to build your own integrations. If you’re interested in a specific first-party integration, please get in touch!

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