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Sneak peek - Public Ideas and Voting

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We’re excited to be kicking off work on the next phase of customer feedback: subscriber voting on published ideas.


At this time, designs are nearly complete and development will begin shortly. We anticipate opening the beta for voting shortly after our latest round of feedback updates are made generally available. We’re currently aiming for a Q2 release.

A glimpse of what we’re working on

The first iteration of voting will extend LaunchNotes’ feedback functionality in three major ways, unlocking the ability to:

  • publish ideas

  • collect feedback and vote on ideas, and

  • display vote counts with different levels of fuzziness

Let’s dive into each one of those areas:

Publish Ideas

LaunchNotes Ideas represent uncommitted work that’s under consideration. With this update your team will also enjoy the ability to share individually published ideas in a new section of your LaunchNotes page. Ideas can easily be published and unpublished to reflect the latest ideas under consideration.


Collect feedback and votes

This enhancement will enable your team to increase transparency by publishing ideas, as well as the option to collect votes and feedback on them. Ultimately, our goal is to amplify the voices of your customers and stakeholders throughout your product development prioritization.


Fuzzy vote counts

However, we believe that your prioritization shouldn’t be mandated solely by customer votes. For that reason we’re including fuzziness to control how public-facing vote counts are displayed. This way you can set expectations that make sense for your team and level of commitment.

Let us know your thoughts

The above improvements will be landing in the near future, and will be accompanied by another LaunchNotes announcement. When these updates reach general availability, project admins will be able to enable publishing ideas and voting through the project settings.

We’re looking forward to getting these updates to your teams. As always, drop us feedback using the button at the left of this announcement, or by reaching out to us via support or on Slack.

To those above the equator, happy spring! 💐

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