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Standardize your product comms with publishing permissions

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

Today, we’re ushering in a brave new world of increased content control and governance for product communications with publishing permissions! Armed with these new permissions, organizations can now build more granular publishing workflows that will increase efficiency and speed-to-market without sacrificing the governance larger organizations require.

Our publishing workflows release represents the second phase of our investment in significantly improved access control within LaunchNotes. In August we took the first step, shipping the first set of capabilities under the banner of roadmap publishing controls. This release unlocked the ability to choose which stages of your product roadmap could be seen, and by whom. 

With today’s announcement, we’re taking the next step with publishing permissions for announcements, roadmap items, and ideas.

Standardize at any scale

Whether you’re a small team of five or an organization with five thousand, a standardized release process that consistently delivers clear, accurate, and branded product communications is critical to both your product growth and brand health.

With our new publishing permissions, smaller teams can build in good processes early, ensuring accuracy and team alignment before announcements, roadmap items, or ideas go live. For larger organizations with multiple product lines and multiple teams of product managers, publishing permissions enable broad, dynamic collaboration while retaining centralized control over what gets published. 

We know teams of every size are going to greatly benefit from the ability to separate the drafting of and collaboration on content from the final phase of approval and publishing.

Announcement publishing permissions workflow

New capabilities to bring product and GTM teams into tight alignment

With publishing permissions, more stakeholders across the business can now participate in shaping product communications. And they can do so without ever violating your business’ brand guidelines or product accuracy standards.

Beginning today, you can:

  • Set publishing rights per project, and choose who can publish announcements, roadmap items, and ideas on each project

  • Enable and encourage broader content creation while carefully controlling publishing rights

  • Implement a review and approval step of announcements before they go live

  • Kick off a review and approval step that will notify the correct approver via email

  • Scale product communications governance as your organization grows

  • Balance content collaboration and consistency

  • Confidently collaborate knowing non-approved content will not be published

To enable these workflows, we had to make some adjustments to user roles in the management portal:

For more details on enabling and implementing the publishing permissions feature, head over to our knowledge base article or reach out to

SAML customers

As part of today’s update, we’ve introduced a new ‘publisher’ role that now lives alongside our existing ‘contributor’ role. The new ‘publisher’ role retains the full publishing permissions that the ‘contributor’ role currently has.

If your account uses SAML to provision user roles, in between now and November 29th you will need to update any ‘contributors’ who need ongoing publishing access to the new ‘publisher’ role. If you need help making this change, we are happy to assist! Please just shoot us a note at and we’ll be in touch.

On November 29th we will transition all ‘contributor’ roles to have restricted publishing permissions. However, if you’d like us to make this change to your account sooner, give us a shout and we’ll be happy to oblige!


We look forward to your feedback on the publishing permissions release. Anything you’d like to see us add to the feature in the future? Is there anything specific with your current processes that this feature does not align with? Let us know - we’ll be standing by!

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