Announcements Roadmap

AI Writing Assistant v2

STAGE: Complete

AI writing tools have become indispensable companions, enabling businesses to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and deliver high-quality content faster and more accurately. Here at LaunchNotes, we immediately recognized the value that this technology could bring to our customers when communicating product change. This is why, in the fall of last year, we launched the V1 of our AI writing assistant, which has already helped LaunchNotes admins and users create high-quality drafts of announcements and roadmap items from a bulleted list of technical specs, a PRD, or any snippet from a product brief with just a few clicks.

Our team has updated this feature with a V2 release. Our focus was on improving discoverability and moving toward a free-form prompt to get your first draft on the page, quickly and within the specific context of your topic and content.

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