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Feature Friday - August 4: Streamlined announcement editor, AI writing assistant v2 rollouts, and a few bug fixes

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes
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TGIF!! Before everyone takes off for the weekend, we wanted to provide a quick update on some things we've been working on.

We've completed the rollout of our streamlined announcement workflow, paused the rollout of the AI writing assistant v2 release, and remediated some pesky bugs that needed to be squashed. Let’s dive into it.

Streamlined announcement workflow 

The rollout of the streamlined announcement workflow is 100% complete! Everyone now can enjoy the seamless, unified, single-page experience of drafting, configuring notifications, and publishing announcements. Let us know what you think of this enhancement by leaving feedback on this announcement.

AI writing assistant v2

We identified an issue during the rollout and are shifting the release of AI writing assistant v2 to an upcoming sprint. While we previously planned for a complete roll-out by Friday, August 4th, we’re now aiming to release it by the end of August. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to bring these improvements to you and your team.

Fixes and improvements

Universal search and navigation: We discovered that the Command-K shortcut in the management portal was not working as expected. The feature is now up and running with enhanced stability and reliability.

LaunchNotes Control for Slack: In some cases, users were not able to submit feedback to LaunchNotes from the Slack app. This bug has been resolved.

Manage subscription: Some customers were receiving an error message when attempting to update their subscription to categories and roadmap items. This bug has been addressed.

Let us know what you think 

Have some feedback? Drop us a line using the feedback submission form in this announcement. Have an idea for something we’re not working on that we should be? Leave us a feature request! 

Thank you for your time today! Have an amazing weekend!

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