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Feature Friday - January 13: Bug fixes, search improvements, and Early Access for Conversations

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes
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Hi everyone! Before you head out for the weekend, we wanted to provide a quick update on some things we've been working on.

We've addressed and remediated some bugs, made some improvements to the search functionality on a public page, and we're also happy to announce that our Early Access Program for Conversations for feedback will be kicking off next week.

Let’s dive into it.

Bug fixes and improvements

LaunchNotes Control for Slack: We identified and addressed an issue with LaunchNotes Control, our Slack app for submitting feedback directly from Slack to a LaunchNotes project: feedback was not being submitted, and an error message was appearing. This was addressed by our team and we’re happy to report that  LaunchNotes Control is working as expected, and is one of the most efficient ways for your team and customers to submit feedback.

Bulk subscriber importer: The bulk subscriber importer on the audience-subscriber management page was not uploading files correctly. When attempting to upload a file, the toast message in the management portal stated success for the request, but the records were not appearing in the subscriber list of the project. This has been fixed and the uploaded file is being processed correctly for all file formats (.csv, .tsv, .xls, .xlsx, .xml, .text).

Published page search: We have an ongoing commitment to refine and improve the search functionality on public pages so that the results of a search are fast and accurate. With recent performance improvements, searching and finding content should be faster and easier than ever.

Conversations: Early Access Program 

The Early Access Program (EAP) for Conversations for feedback will be starting next week. The EAP is close to full with customers who have raised their hand to participate, however, there’s still time to sign up for the EAP.

Just a quick refresher, for project admins and contributors, Conversations will be accessible in the Feedback inbox, enabling external emails with clients and internal notes with team members to discuss, refine and shape feedback, keeping everyone on the same page and your clients in the loop of where and how their feedback is being actioned in product development.

Interested in joining the Early Access Program for Conversations, starting next week? Subscribe to the roadmap item and we’ll be in touch.

We’d love to get your feedback!

Let us know what you think about what we’re working on! How’s Bernie, our AI assistant working for you? Are you supercharging writing announcements with our AI writing assistant? Is our automated sentiment analysis helping you plow through and better prioritize feedback? Let us know!

Thanks for reading and we hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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