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New Early Access Program: Salesforce and Hubspot CRM integrations

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

Today we’re excited to announce the Early Access Program (EAP) for our new CRM integrations is officially open! To participate, simply subscribe to our Salesforce and Hubspot integration roadmap item, and from there we’ll be in touch to schedule a kick-off call to get you enrolled.

The goal of our EAP is to help us fine-tune the integration experience, iron out any remaining kinks, and ultimately ensure every LaunchNotes customer is able to successfully inform their product roadmap with revenue data directly from their preferred CRM.

Connect your roadmap to revenue impact

With revenue data piped directly into a LaunchNotes project, product and customer-facing teams everywhere are now equipped with the ability to categorize customer feedback and prioritize ideas based on the dollar value of deals with both prospects and existing customers. With these new integrations, product, support, and sales teams can quickly align on what to build next by referencing a common set of facts about which features to prioritize for maximum revenue impact!

From product management to profit management

CRM integrations have been a top feature request from our customers and, using our new Conversations functionality, we’ve further validated and fine-tuned the avalanche of feedback you’ve provided. Through this dialogue with customers, we’ve validated an age-old product management axiom: not all feedback should be assessed equally. 

Constrained by a finite set of resources, a product team can’t prioritize every feedback item and request. To prioritize effectively, multiple inputs need to be considered. Inputs such as: who provided the feedback, how many similar requests exist, what resources are required to develop the feature, and what is the resulting impact on the business if a specific feature is built.

By enriching feedback items and ideas, we’re excited to empower modern product teams to make more data-informed decisions by allowing them to answer the following questions:

  • Will this feature or functionality drive net new revenue? 

  • Will this feature or functionality expand revenue opportunities with existing customers?

  • Will this feature or functionality unlock new customer segments of the market?

  • Will this feature or functionality increase the retention rate of existing customers?

With the ability to answer these questions, your product team can not only ensure they’re prioritizing the most impactful features and functionality but, of equal importance, the work that will positively impact your business’ bottom line.

Connecting the dots between your users' needs and your business needs

The LaunchNotes platform already enables product teams to rank feature requests and ideas by customer feedback, user sentiment, and the number of votes. Now, with a fourth data point of revenue opportunity, your product team should have all the necessary ingredients to ensure every team’s voice is properly represented during the prioritization process. Revenue and CSM teams can show the numbers backing their requests, and PMs can ask the right questions to fully understand the potential impact of product changes before they’re made. CRM revenue data provides a common ground for these teams as they deal with competing priorities.

Moreover, with revenue data at the ready, product teams can focus on key accounts and strategic customers, which in turn can foster a better understanding of their needs and preferences, further informing product development and improving overall customer satisfaction.

If this all sounds too good to be true, enroll in the EAP today to experience how our new CRM integrations can propel your product development and business forward!

We’d love your feedback

Any feedback or hot takes on our new CRM integrations? Did we nail it? Have we missed the mark? What other integrations would you like to see us working on? 

Hit the feedback button to the left to let us know your thoughts! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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