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Feature Friday - September 16: New YouTube Feature

AUTHOR: Team LaunchNotes

Sneak peek: Easily add YouTube videos to your announcements

Early next week, we’ll introduce an enhancement to the announcement editor. To date, when featuring a YouTube video in an announcement, the author of an announcement had to find the embed code and place it in our iFrame modal. That functionality will remain, but we’ve made it even easier to include YouTube videos in announcements with a simple cut and paste of the URL of the YouTube video.

This update will include the introduction of a YouTube icon in the editor toolbar that will sit alongside the media and iFrame icons.

Retrospective: Q1-Q3 of 2022 

As we move through September and into Q4, we wanted to reflect back on the features and upgrades we’ve shipped so far in 2022. The areas where we focused our attention and resources were largely fueled by the feedback we received from you–our customers and stakeholders. Thank you, for your interest, engagement, and ideas!

Below is a highlight reel by quarter. As you can see, the areas that were most impactful based on your feedback were in the areas of announcing product launches and feature releases and collecting and centralizing feedback. There were also updates and features we shipped that increased the functionality and ease of use with subscriber management. 

Building greater levels of functionality for announcements and feedback has created product momentum and enhanced business performance for not only our customers but for LaunchNotes as well. Take a look and let us know which of the releases below helped your company better engage with your customers and drive value for your business.




The remainder of this year should be just as exciting with new features and capabilities released by LaunchNotes across our 4 product pillars of feedback, plan, build and launch. In the next few weeks, we will be shipping a new feature that will further bolster the collection of feedback and the prioritization of work: Domain Audience Segmentation.

Domain Audience Segmentation

We’ve gleaned insights from your feedback, as well as, our own 1st party research that has helped us identify that product teams need information grouped by the companies they serve, not just the individuals at those companies. 

To deliver this level of insight, we’ve started working on grouping page subscribers under their email domains and providing a domain table in the management portal. Additionally, we will be introducing detailed views for individual subscribers and domains. Between the new table and the detailed views, you’ll have access to: 

  • A list of subscribers with the matching email domain

  • An aggregate count and list of feedback and votes left by subscribers of a domain

  • A “first seen” date, which is the earliest created_at date of matching subscribers

  • The average sentiment of feedback left by subscribers of a domain

You read that right - we’re introducing machine learning-powered natural language processing to evaluate the emotional tone of customer feedback. LaunchNotes users will be able to quickly find positive and negative feedback, and identify which customers are expressing these sentiments. 

Stay tuned for more on what we have planned for the remainder of 2022. 

We’d love to hear from you, and welcome your feedback!

Let us know what you think and feel about what we’ve delivered so far this year. And let us know what features or updates we can build that will help your company’s product momentum!

Have a most excellent weekend! 

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