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Filtered shareable project views

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Enterprise organizations, in varying degrees, struggle to effectively communicate product development progress with internal teams, resulting in customer-facing teams being "out of the loop" or not prepared with the most up-to-date and relevant information when engaging with customers.

Many organizations rely on a single roadmap format for the coordination and enablement for all internal teams, but that lacks the flexibility, the relevant detail, and the customization for efficient, tailored communications that meet the distinct requirements of different customer-facing teams (customer support, marketing, sales) that help ensure successful customer engagements and ultimately customer delight.

Filter shareable project views

To tackle this issue, the v1 of this feature will enable LaunchNotes' users to generate multiple roadmaps from a single LaunchNotes project. Each roadmap will have a unique, shareable link, and the content of that roadmap item for designated teams and internal stakeholders. This multi-roadmap capability is designed to make the process of managing and sharing roadmap items more relevant and focused for each internal roadmap review and each internal team.

The immediate benefits:

  • Manage one roadmap and create all the customized roadmap views most relevant to customer support, sales, marketing, and the executive team.

  • Provide ongoing access to tailored content for different teams, while eliminating redundant efforts in duplicating and managing multiple roadmaps.

  • Deliver most relevant roadmap information, personalized to each of your internal stakeholders' needs.

The shareable views feature enables the management of one comprehensive roadmap with endless customizable views developed by audience. The v2 release of this capability will expand this flexibility and customization to announcements and ideas.

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